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Naqada Haus Productions is a Sydney based production company that has a vision to bring ‘iconic’ scenes, imagery, and characters to life. Working with passionate filmmakers and creatives, who all share the common goal of connecting an audience with the screen. Naqada Haus likes to work on an array of media projects, with a focus on film. 

Founded by producer Cat Clark, who's feature experience includes the Sci-Fi/Thriller 'Risen', the Psychological Thriller 'Intersection' and Australian period film 'Sherbrooke Down' which is currently in development. 

Naqada Haus currently has its own short film in development, titled 'Hemlock'. This apocalyptic, sci-fi/action is set in a dystopian future, where we follow the lead protagonist Alex on a mission of hope. 

The Naqada Haus name was born from a combination of Cat's German family heritage and one of her family member's dedication to a career in Egyptology. Wanting to tell her own stories and explore others, Naqada Haus was the place to do it under one roof.